My Wallis /Wallace Roots

Thanks to Ann (Morris) Cole

The Wallace/Wallis Family taken in 1928
The old woman 2nd row center in dark dress is Elizabeth Morris Wallace, my 3rd great Grandmother.

Descendants of Edward H. Wallace

Generation No. 1

1. Edward H. Wallace was born November 07, 1828 in England, and died August 29, 1905 in Boone County, Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Jane Morris in Tennessee, daughter of Isaac Morris and Sarah O'Daniels.

Edward Wallis was born in England in 1828. He was 17 years old when he came to the United States, which would have been in the year 1845. He married Elizabeth Morris and they came to Boone County from Tennessee in the early 1850's.

They homesteaded their farm in the southeast end of Boat Mountain. No records were kept before 1872 at which time he got a "patent" as it was called then. In 1876 he got a deed. They built their cabin on land he thought was his, but when it was surveyed he was on another man's land, which meant he had to move. So carrying his rifle and with the help of his oxen he moved the cabin, log by log, to the place where he lived the remainder of his life. All the Wallis children were born on this homesite. The oldest was Jeff Wallis, born 1856, then came Frank, Bill, Gord, Loss, Pete, Seab, Hugh, Dan, Mary, Katherine, and Julia Ann. Edward Wallis was a tanner and shoemaker. He had a large rock on which he tanned the hides for shoes. This rock in later years was moved to the big spring in Valley Springs. Edward was also a Baptist preacher. Six of his sons and one daughter (Mary) stayed in Boone County or Carroll County as it was known then. Boone County was not formed until 1869. Loss and Hugh went to Oklahoma and Texas. Katherine and Julia Ann went to Oklahoma.

Newton County Cemeteries Book, states that Edward Wallis was born November 7, 1828 and died August 29, 1905.

Submitted by Jetti Crutchfield. Chandler, Texas: 12/9/1997

Some of the sons of Edward and Elizabeth changed the spelling of Wallis to Wallace. I don't know when or why. I found that at one of the reunions in Harrison, Arkansas, several years ago. The children of some of the Wallace sons married Harps. *There also was Cherokee Indian in Mary Elizabeth Morris. I don't know how much. Sarah Catherine's picture really shows it.  Fact 1: buried Boat Mountain Homestead, Boone County, Arkansas.

Elizabeth Wallis (Wallace) or Granny or Aunt Liz as she was known to her family and friends often told of the hard times during the Civil War. She hid her sheep in caves to keep the carpet baggers from killing them. This was important to her as sheep was one source of income. She sheared the sheep, cleaned the wool, spun it into thread on her spinning wheel and wove it into cloth which was called "linze".

She would tell many stories in the early days both before and after she was married. One of special interest was seeing a sister, Nancy Green Harp, attacked by a racoon when they were dipping water from a spring. The coon jumped on her shoulders and began tearing flesh before she was freed by their guard dogs which were kept to guard their livestock and homes. She was scarred for the remainder of her life.

Granny Wallis was truly a pioneer woman of the late 1880's and 1900's. Her house, as all Wallis homes, was always clean, beds beautiful with starched spread and pillow shams; all handmade. She lived to be 93 years old, dying in 1930. Her husband died in 1905 at the age of 77. He was buried on the homestead as well as one son, Dan, who died in 1950.

Times were hard in the early days of this era, but the Wallis families, as many others, were a happy people. They complained not of their way of life, but got the most out of each day they lived.

Children of Edward Wallace and Elizabeth Morris are:

2. i. Thomas Jefferson Wallace, b. October 13, 1855, Boone County, Arkansas; d. October 29, 1908.

ii. James Franklin Wallace, b. Abt. 1858, Boone County, Arkansas; d. 1933; m. Martha C. Fact 1: buried in Wesrern Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

3. iii. Mary Jane Wallace, b. Abt. 1862, Boone County, Arkansas; d. Aft. 1928, Boone County, Arkansas; married ?? Gallagher.

4. iv. William Riley Wallace, b. Abt. 1863, Boone County, Arkansas.

5. v. Isaac Laos Wallace, b. Abt. 1866, Boone County, Arkansas.

vi. Hiram G. Wallace, b. February 14, 1868, Boone County, Arkansas.

vii. Joseph M. Wallace, b. Abt. 1870, Boone County, Arkansas.

viii. Joseph Seaburn Wallace, b. Abt. 1871, Boone County, Arkansas.

ix. Peter Wallace, b. May 15, 1873, Boone County, Arkansas; d. September 23, 1947; m. Mary M..

6. x. Sarah Catherine Wallace, b. April 1875, Boone County, Arkansas.

xi. Daniel Fulbright Wallace, b. May 16, 1879, Boone County, Arkansas; d. May 14, 1950, Arkansas. Fact 1: buried at Boat Mountain Homestead, Newton County, Arkansas

xii. Hugh Edward Wallace, b. April 1880, Boone County, Arkansas.

xiii. Julia Ann Wallace, b. May 20, 1882.

Generation No. 2

2. Thomas Jefferson Wallace (Edward H.) was born October 13, 1855 in Boone County, Arkansas, and died October 29, 1908. He married Mary C. Cole.  Fact 1: both buried in Western Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

Child of Thomas Wallace and Mary Cole is:

i. Asbury Wallace, b. October 22, 1886. Fact 1: buried in Westrern Grove Cemetery, Newton County, Arkansas.

3. Mary Jane Wallace (Edward H.) was born Abt. 1862 in Boone County, Arkansas, and died Aft. 1928 in Boone County, Arkansas. She married a Gallagher/Galligher. **There was a Gallagher that owned 160 acres of land around Boone County, Arkansas.

Children of Mary Wallace and Gallagher/Galligher are:

i. Mary Floyd Gallagher, b. July 02, 1889, Valley Springs, Arkansas; d. February 1986, Oklahoma; m. William Henry Phillips, 1905, Valley Springs, Arkansas.

All three children that Mary and William had: Ola, Norman and Clarence Henry, were born in Valley Springs, Arkansas, where Mary's Mother lived. No matter where they were living, Mary always went home to her Mother to have her babies. Fact 1: Mary Phillips is buried in Bristow, Oklahoma.

ii. Claude Gallagher, b. Aft. 1890; m.  a Bethany. Claude was a female.

4. William Riley Wallace (Edward H.) was born Abt. 1863 in Boone County, Arkansas. He married Mary.

Child of William Wallace and Mary is:

i. Dot Wallace.

5. Isaac Laos Wallace (Edward H.) was born Abt. 1866 in Boone County, Arkansas. He married Aldora.

Child of Isaac Wallace and Aldora is:

i. Howard Wallace.

6. Sarah Catherine Wallace (Edward H.) was born April 1875 in Boone County, Arkansas. She married Andrew Jackson Knight.

Children of Sarah Wallace and Andrew Knight are:

i. Della Laura Knight.

ii. James Edward Esker Knight.

iii. Etta Knight.

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